Best Tasting Pizza In A Clay Pizza Oven

A food that the majority of people enjoy eating is pizza. Generally, pizza that individuals purchase at most pizza shops is cooked in a regular oven. When having a piece of pizza cooked in a normal conventional oven can be good and tasty. There is also another method to cook a pizza. This method refers to cooking pizza over a wood burning clay oven. Many pizza lovers can tell a difference between a pizza cooked conventionally and a pizza that is cooked in an indoor clay pizza oven. For those who have not had the opportunity to experience tasting a pizza that is cooked in this manner, there are several variables that make it different. The variations in which the cooking styles affect a pizza is the taste, texture, and time.

clay-pizza-ovenTaste of the Pizza Baked in a Clay Pizza Oven

When a pizza is cooked over wood in a clay oven it does have a different taste. The crust will be crispy along the edges but soft and moist throughout the pizza. The taste of the crust and dough will be evenly dispersed without being hard, stiff or burnt. The pizza dough will have bubbled or air pockets that allow the entire pizza to be cooked evenly. This will give the taste a more enjoyable flavor and be evenly distributed along every pieced of the pizza. Each topping will taste fresh while preserving the flavor. The wood will give the pizza a smoky taste with a crispy tasting crust. Pizza normally cooked in a normal oven may have a crust that tastes burnt or doughy. The cheese may taste over cooked, and the toppings may lose their taste the longer it cooks. The taste is extremely different between both methods of pizza cooking.

Texture of the Pizza Crust

Pizza cooked in a wood burning clay oven has a wonderful texture. The crust is fluffy and the toppings are fresh but crunchy. The bubbles in the pizza preserve the even flow of the cheese and toppings on top of the pizza dough. It will cook evenly throughout the pizza and allow the texture to be consistent. This type of wood cooked pizza has a crust that is moist and fluffy. But the texture of the pizza toppings is crisp and freshly crunchy. The cheese is melted evenly and thoroughly around the entire pizza. This will leave the finishing product to be distributed at a steady flow of toppings among a delightful crust. A pizza cooked in a regular oven will not have a consistent texture across the top of the pizza.

Time to Cook a Pizza

Time is a huge difference when cooking pizza in a clay oven compared to a conventional oven. The cooking time for a pizza in a wood burning clay oven only takes 120 seconds. The time it takes to cook a pizza in a conventional or normal oven is five to seven minutes. The wood burning clay oven is faster because the heat is evenly distributed and can last up to eight to twelve hours of cooking time.



A pizza that is prepared and baked in an oven made out of clay will the pizza a better taste because of the flavor of the wood but will also keep the flavor of the toppings while it is being cooked. The texture of the pizza will be evenly distributed throughout the pizza because of the even flow of heat and air pockets in the dough. The temperature of the wood-burning heat is hotter, which will evenly cook the entire pizza. This will allow the pizza to cook in a matter of a few minutes compared to almost ten minutes in a conventional oven. A wood burning clay oven will give the pizza a tasty, textured with a wood smoke flavor. To make and bake a pizza in this type of oven will only amount to a couple minutes from start to finish.

Creating Art From a Lump of Clay

The idea of taking a simple lump of material and turning it into something beautiful has been the foundation for most of the best pieces of art in the world. It is generally the way art is created. You take a blank canvas, a lump of granite or a clump of clay and shape it into your hearts desire. The beauty of the art is in the eye of the beholder. If you create something beautiful to yourself others will see its beauty as well.

Learning To Work With Clay

If you are interested in learning how to work clay in your spare time check out the video below about how normal clay working classes are held. You will most likely be a part of a group with similar interest to you. We encourage all of our students to get to know one another so that they may have a peer to learn and experience creating their first pieces of art with. At the end of the day, clay working is supposed to be a fun experience!

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